To understand the language of the other: a challenge to bring the legal cultures

At the Fordham University of New York a group of academics ask questions to Maria Voce

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Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)

The Brotherhood like as a political category and as a prospect for academic studies

seminario ufscInternational Seminar
2011- Inauguration of the activities of the Centre for Juridical Science

Tuesday, 24 th May 2011 at the Auditorium of the Center for Juridical Sciences of Federal University of Santa Catarine will be the official opening of the activities of the 2011 Year.

The theme of this meeting is "The brotherhood like as a political category and like as a prospect for academic studies."


“The Art of Living in Diversity” foto_di_gruppo.jpg

Seminar for European students co-sponsored by an EU program, “Youth in Action”

In the last week of July (27.7-3.8) took place the international seminar “The Art of Living Together in Diversity” in Sibiu, supported by the E.U. Program “Youth in Action”.

Young people from Spain, Italy, Austria, Romania and Slovakia could experience during this week the art of living together - theoretically, through the presentations about migration and law, as well as practically, in every-day situations.

pdf Silvia Toma's article from Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung fur Romanien

Fordham University: Communion and Law

The President of Focolari Movement meet a group of academics

Some years ago at the Fordham University a group from various fields of jurisprudence gave birth to Communion and Law.
Now lawyers, judges, lecturers and professors from this and other universities are aiming to investigate the “love of neighbour” in the field of law.

Seminar for Legal Professionals

“Efficiency and Ethics of Justice”

June, 8 2008, 9.15 - 12.15

International Mariapoli Center - Castelgandolfo (RM)
Viale G. B. De La Salle


Third edition of the Festival of Law

Piacenza, 23-26th September 2010

Inequalities link with gender difference, citizenship rights, access to knowledge and technology, working conditions and life will be discussed in conferences, meetings, shows and music.

Fonte: Festival del diritto

“Intellectual Professions between Ethics and Relationships: The Legal Ethics Code”

May, 10 2008 - 10:00
Polo Culturale S. Agostino - Corso Mazzini


Avv. Alessandro Diotallevi
Foro di Roma – Associazione nazionale mediatori e conciliatori

Avv. Claudio Iaconi
Foro di Teramo – Specializzato in Responsabilità professionale


" Institutional framework and real picture"

250 participants in the first conference about " CHILDREN, FAMILY AND LOCAL COMMUNITY" : lawyers and legal professionals,   regional physicians and the Social Welfare Authority, students.

“Human Justice, Divine Justice: What Relationship?”

image  invitation

Communion and Law - School of Law, Parma 


“Law and Relationships”

Dialogue on the methods and goals of legal structures and practical application of the law

Parma (Italy) - November 15,  2008

“Justice Will Bring Peace, Law Gives Security”

Rome (Italy) - April 20, 2008, 10:00 -12:00

S.Ivo alla Sapienza - Roma
Corso Rinascimento, 40 (Archive)

Speaker: dott. Giuseppe Bozzi, magistrato

Good practices and discussion


“Law and Fraternity”

Federal State University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

University website

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