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#EoC-IIN presents online platform

Dedicated to the incubation of new EoC companies, the EoC-IIN international network is now consolidated and its online platform www.eoc-iin.org is presented

by Rebeca Gomez Tafalla

Eoc IIN Bootcamp Praga 02 ridLess than a year has passed since the opening of the first EoC-IIN Hub (local access point) and the network already has 14 sites in 13 countries (Cameroon, Uganda, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, USA, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Argentina, the Czech Republic and Slovakia). In addition to these, several EoC entrepreneurs from other countries (Togo, Belgium, DRC...) have joined in, too.

In recent months, our Hubs have organized and promoted courses and workshops to provide technical-professional training and preparation for the EoC at the local level, accompanying the execution of new entrepreneurial projects in a personalized and systematic way. While the hubs' action has so far been limited to projects and people in their narrow territorial area, the EoC-IIN platform now offers the opportunity to access the various services - in six different languages - even for those who cannot easily reach a local hub.

 The platform makes it possible to get to know the project in its entirety (the various activities and services offered, each of the local hubs and what they do,Eoc IIN Hub Messico the support network, etc.) and to become part of this community.

Roylán, the Spanish Hub's telecommunications and electronics engineer and coordinator, has started using the digital incubation platform. This is what he tells us about his experience: “It is a very enriching challenge to pass on the basic notions of the entrepreneurial language, like for example encouraging new entrepreneurs who find themselves in uncertain and doubtful situations in an appropriate and concrete way. Coordinating the appointments and tasks of the people who voluntarily collaborate with startups makes me appreciate the contribution of each and every one of them: there is a great potential when we work together moved by this common call to the Economy of Communion".

Eoc IIN Enrique Messico sxAnother EoC-IIN life flash comes from Mexico's Hub, which was born out of the encounter between existing economic activities - which needed to develop at the micro-enterprise level - and the EoC incubation program. Enrique, a producer of handmade jams, took part in the first incubation workshop held in Mexico City. “Incubation helps me to grow and develop my small business into a real enterprise, but at the same time it also promotes a deep and personal growth in the culture of the EoC, which allows me to pass it on to others. The biggest change for me was to start creating communion in my company, by helping vulnerable people. I think that, when the company is big, we can offer employment to vulnerable people, people with disabilities or those who would not find employment elsewhere. On the technical level, the workshop has helped me to improve the production and conservation processes of the products, improving their quality. We are now formalising all the necessary permits to enter the market more strongly.

Logo EocIIN PlatformThe platform offers new entrepreneurs who wish to join this EoC community a "reserved area" in which there are three different sections: "Networking", offers the opportunity to present everyone’s projects, get to know other entrepreneurs in the same sector and exchange experiences; "Wiki Toolkit" was created to share articles and videos; "Digital Incubation" is for project owners who do not have the possibility of being accompanied locally, through physical presence.

Eoc IIN CoordinatoriAlthough it will certainly not be able to replace the close relationships that we can build locally, we believe that the EoC-IIN platform represents a great opportunity to convey communion at an international level.

In the next few days EoC-IIN is organizing two live events on Facebook.com/EoCIIN/ to which you are all invited: there will be an appointment with Anouk Grevin on 18 September at 18:00 and another one with Luigino Bruni on 20 September at 17:45.

Watch the EoC-IIN video spot!



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