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Many types of associations exist in the business world usually formed around common regional, professional, or product interests.


In Trent, Italy, several years ago, a group of friends who owned businesses in the area decided to form an association that gave a new, truer meaning to the term ”silent partner.“

They decided to meet together periodically to share their ideas and experiences about how to run a business and in a certain sense to become ”partners“ with the common goal of managing their businesses for the common good.

They began their regional network linked together from north, south, east, and west in a truly unique adventure involving

  • an engineering company,
  • a saw–mill,
  • a real estate agency,
  • an ancient deli,
  • a hotel,
  • a family run vineyard and winery,
  • a goldsmith,
  • and a merchant.

They explored this new path together sharing important choices or specific problems, able to find concrete answers to meet business or personal needs and attempting to overcome the solitude which always seems to engulf the entrepreneur.

The experience was as varied and dynamic as the participants.

The group became a place for deciding how to invest the business’ profits, a chance to exchange information and to point out opportunities, a moment to offer each other the benefit of their particular expertise, the possibility to cooperate on joint initiatives and to increase their solidarity in ways that involved their employees as well.

Above all, the gatherings provided a setting where they could share their managerial approach that was often innovative and strategic.

Out of this communitarian way to manage their businesses, they developed a managerial style that carried over into their businesses where they built an atmosphere of friendship and participation while developing concrete partnerships independent of their productive environments.



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