A new series begins in “Vita”


ECONOMY LESSONS. Luigino Bruni begins a new series for the readers of Vita, on The Virtues of the Market

A new series by Luigino Bruni begins in “Vita”


Starting next week, a new series of articles begins in which Luigino Bruni will guide readers of Vita on an exploration of "the market's virtues". As in the case of the other very successful series by Bruni ("ABCDEconomy", collected in an issue of Communitas), these articles will explore various virtues, one at a time. We'll talk about cooperation, mutual advantage, anti-paternalism, anonymity (which can also be seen as a virtue), and stoicism. Bruni, who is professor of Political Economics (who just received tenure a few weeks ago), has begun a reflection to relaunch another picture of the market. This is the fruit of a book just published by Bruno Mondadore, The Ethos of the Market: An introduction to the anthropological and relational foundations of the economy.

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